14 April 2024

1intro LBP Sale on 14th April 2024

The $INTRO LBP Public Sale is happening tomorrow & it’s the first-ever LBP platform on Solana. It’s a fair launch with no presale, allowing everyone to jump in at their preferred price, similar to a Dutch Auction where token prices start high & gradually drop. This approach blocks bots & whales from using disruptive tactics, enabling the community to organically discover fair prices.

3 Products built on 1intro 
•1DEX: An AI-driven AMM DEX with a top-notch user interface.
•1LBP: The first-ever customizable LBP on Solana.
•1Deploy: A no-code platform for launching tokens.
•AI Enhancement: All these 3 products will feature AI enhancements, making them super smart & easy to use.

Sale Details
•Where to join: app.1intro.com/1lbp
•When it starts: April 14th at 3 PM UTC (10 PM MY), running for 72 hours.

Published by Ibcig