04 March 2024

Bluezilla - Top Performing IDO in 2021

Bluezilla is back with a bang! Remember 2021? People who jumped into IDOs with Bluezilla made a killing. BSCPad, Ethpad, Gamespad, Katana Inu – you name it, almost every IDO launched on Bluezilla's platform was a huge win.

The bull run hasn't even started yet. We're months away from the halving, and Bitcoin just hit an all-time high of $64K. The hype around launchpads is back, so don't miss out on what Bluezilla has in store for you.

Heads up: keep an eye out for ZaiBot launching on March 7th. It's going to be huge. Besides that, there’s another project launching on Bluezilla Launchpad as well called “BlastFi”

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