22 March 2024

🟪 BlockGames pre-sale will be held on 26th March

BlockGames is the world’s first cross-chain, cross-game Player Network, accelerating user acquisition for games and real rewards for players.

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Key highlights:
▶️ Currently integrated gaming content consists of 200+ high-quality web2 mobile games from leading publishers.

▶️ BlockGames Dice collection surpassed 7000+ ETH in trading volume since October
Introduced rarity to their NFT collection which led to some NFTs being sold at 2 ETH.

▶️ Retained BlockGames Dice collection (https://opensea.io/collection/blockgames-dice-5555) at Trending across OS/Blur throughout October, November and December.

▶️ 250k Pre-registrations for the BlockGames app via email & social activations.

▶️ CTO has built NordVPN & Eneba (€30m ARR).

▶️ They have been founded in partnership with Estoty, a leading European mobile game studio with more than 50 million monthly active players

🏛 Investors
SIG Institutional (private equity firm, led Kucoin & TikTok few years back)
Google Cloud
Cumberland DRW 
Estoty SA
Based VC
432 VC
Alan Rutledge VC