01 March 2024

BounceBit (Potential Airdrop)

BounceBit, A potential airdrop which likely launch on Binance Launchpool/Binance Launchpad ( Expected Launch on April)

1. The paradigm mechanism is quite similar to Manta Network, the difference is that when BounceBit launches, you can withdraw funds immediately, without having to wait another 69 days.

2. The whole team stakes together, reaching a total of 0.1 BTC, they will receive a reward Boost card + Swift card

3. Expected launch in April or early May

4. Bridge minimum 100$ ( $BTCB, $WBTC, $DAI, $AUCTION , $MUBI , $USDT ) to start scoring. 
+ This step is recommended that you should do it on the BNB chain because the fee is cheaper. about 0.5$.

5. You need an invite code to join. Please join the same team as me to receive the Boost Card + Swift Card. 







- This BounceBit is the most standardized in project ever in the Bitcoin ecosystem after Stack, and is also the first to develop native staking. chain for Bitcoin holders.

- Narrative about the Bitcoin ecosystem ensuring it will be super hot after halving. This time, bitcoin holders not only put Bitcoin in cold wallets, but now also stake it to earn real-yield. You can read about its mechanism here -> Docs

Backers: OKX, Binance Custody, Bounce (Auction)